Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Year New Things

I'd gotten so wrapped up in the holiday season and everything else I hadn't posted anything lately. I'm glad we got a chance to do the 23 things but I'm finding that I'm using most of the fun exercises that were not included in the 23 things. Zamzar has been a big hit. It really has helped when we do not have the updated version of some software on our computers. The kids that come into the libraries also have a lot to offer. I found that you can click on a drawing or picture on a website then right click to print it out. Our printing software gives you the option to blow it up into a 8"x 10", 5" x 7" or other sizes and print it out. Keep your eyes open you might see someone doing something new. If you're like me I ask how did you do that. Kids get a kick out of showing you how to do something new.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Okay I'm back in. The web address we were sent if you want to continue with learning things put you in the updated blog site. I found the site for things 24-37. This give you the list. Thing 24 is great Zamzar.com. It allows you to convert documents programs etc to different formats wihtout downloading the software. If you'r like me you've probably gotten documents in one format and couldn't open them. Or, got some gibberish when you did. This will allow you to open those files. Oh yeah here is the link to get to the master list for things 24-37. They keep adding new things so keep your eyes open. http://explorediscoverplay.blogspot.com/2007/04/learning-21-master-list-of-things.html

Thursday, August 2, 2007

LOLCAT Thing 30

I got plenty of laughs from thing thirty. The cat images are hilarious. I tried building my own site but the site was congested. When I finally got in the site said that the save images function was down and would be restored soon. Will see what I can do later. Got back in on 8/8/07 and created a LOLCAT. I lost my first image somewhere but here is the URL to the second one.
Now I just have to figure out how to keep adding to it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Its a good thing that I checked the box to be notified of changes to the Sandbox. I got an email saying that someone had erased most of the entries in the sandbox. Sure enough I went in to see if my post under Favorite books was still there and it was gone. If we are suppose to have people monitoring that site to see if we added our blog address and posted something there and somebody erases the entry how can we prove that we complete one of the exercises in the Maryland 2.0 23 Things? At least my Blog address was still registered.

Thing #23

I made it! This has been and interesting learning experience. I'll try to answer thing #23 questions in order but I know I have a tendency to jump all over the place when something catches my attention.1. My favorite discoveries were the Merlin community, RSS feeds, Gutenburg and Web 2.0 awards list. 2. I found that these sites will help me the most in my job and with learning new skills. 3. The unexpected takeaways was learning what could possiby keep our younger customers glued to the computer screens all day. It was fun exploring all the new sites and finding the links for Meez, online radio sites, youtube, google images. Its so much out there. 4. What could you do to improve the program. I'll have to think on that one. I'm hoping that the links are left on our website so that I can go back in and do more exploring. Some of the sites referred you to additional websites. 5. If the another program was offered I would definitely participate. Who knew I would have so much fun creating and maintaining a Blog. Now that I have more time I want to go back and work on my Blogline account, Technorati, Library Thing, Wikis and Del-icio-us. 6. This has been interesting, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. I learned a lot and now that customers think we know it all(and I do mean Know It All!) I can actually help more of them when they ask me about blogs etc. I've been sharing my Blog with friends outside of our Library community and they've been learning right along with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thing #22 EBooks

I looked at the ebook information today. Since our Library already has NetLibrary and Overdrive I was already familiar with them. I checked out Gutenberg ebooks. I didn't know that there was a free ebook distribution center that operates on donations and with volunteer workers. Its nice to know there is a third source for ebooks.I also found that Gutenburg is available in different countries. I took some time going through their website to see what was available. Going futher into the website Ifound a link that allows you to download CDs and DVDs. I had never heard about Jigdo, BitTorrent or Edonkey. These are sites to download free software when you download movies. They also have a RSS feed for new books that are downloaded to their website. They even have digitized music sheets.Whoo Hoo!!!!!! I've got to go back and explore some more.

Saga of the Grog and Gryphon

I finally found a podcast I liked. I originally had thought to get the Sci-Fi Bad boys podcast. Took me a while to figure out how to get a RSS feed for the podcast. I finally saw that some were feeds and others were downloaded directly to your MP3 player or computer. I managed to get it from Podcast.net. It was a little easier than the other two sites. But Hey you might find the other two easier to use. Onward to thing 22. I finally got this added to my Blogline account. I kept trying to open it from my Blogger account and couldn't so I went back and reread the instructions and added it to my Bloglines account.